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From our Customers...

“When I moved to Pittsburgh in 2001, I began the painful search for all of the new "my"s- "my" doctor, "my" veterinarian, "my" dentist, etc. Anyone who has ever moved to a new city knows the difficult and, at times, scary process of finding a new collection of professionals to care for your most basic and critical of needs. With no friends in your new town, your only source of information is an internet search with reviews by people you have never met. You put your health and safety in the hands, essentially, of strangers. Often you go through a series of duds, some of them disheartening and expensive, before you find your "my."

In the case of my mechanic, I was very, very lucky. I found Bastone Auto through an internet search.  I linked to a story about their participation in Pennsylvania's emissions testing program when it was still in its pilot phase. Theirs was one of the first shops in the state to participate in the program. To me, this seemed to be as good an endorsement as any other, and I called to make my first appointment.

Since that time, no other shop has touched my car, even for an oil change. I have never been so impressed with a business as I have been with Bastone's. In the ten years (and approximately 120,000 miles) I have brought my car here, only twice have I had a problem, and they were quick to remedy the issue at no cost to me.  When I call, every employee knows me by name. When I wait for my car they are friendly and always chat with me.

The waiting area of Bastone's is covered with training certificates and pictures of the employees and their families. A framed certificate announcing the award of the Bronze Star to James Bastone - the original owner of the shop - for his service in World War II hangs over the counter. It is truly a family-centered business, in every sense.

Most importantly, I have never felt that they were talking down to me or trying to sell me something that I did not need. They have always told me what is wrong - and then told me if something is critically wrong, and if something can wait. Even though auto mechanics is the farthest thing from what I do every day, when I ask for an explanation they take the time to make sure I understand. I trust what they tell me, and that sense of trust is so very important when you are spending possibly hundreds of dollars and essentially taking someone at their word.

I would recommend Bastone Auto to anyone, without hesitation.  If your experience is anything like mine, you will have found "your" mechanic, with no need to look anywhere else.”

Belinda Barnett, Ph.D.

      On March 12, 2012 my 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier Sport auto achieved 100,000 miles. It runs very well showing minor signs of body deterioration. Needless to say, I am delighted that I’ve gotten such good service from a GM product that sometimes has a built in shelf life of, maybe, 60,000 miles max. The reason for the Cavalier’s endurance is because of the auto service it has received in the past six years by the experts at Bastone Auto Service in Pittsburgh. These experts have quickly solved small tasks like regular oil changes, balancing tires, wiper blades, etc.---all normal maintenance tasks---all within a small time frame.

For more challenging issues were done with equal patience and skill. e.g. an annoying grind sound coming from the right rear wheel and tire. After two test drives and a thorough examination of the brakes, axle, and then the tire it was discovered imbedded deeply into the tire itself was a five inch spike that entered in one of the treads, worked its way across the tire and emerged on the other side of the tire’s wall. It was not visible. After 10 minutes of surgery and their determination to find the problem they fixed it, and all was done with patience, but no wasted time. They were successful. They are the best auto service I’ve had in my 40 plus years of driving.

As a family run business, they bring a high level of experience in dealing with the public, a genuine concern for the client, and always with good cheer. They have my enthusiastic recommendation.

Fred Moleck

Highland Park

March 26, 2012

Thank you so much for long-standing reliable service for our whole family - it's such a blessing to have your excellent help keeping our lives 'moving' smoothly! :=))

(and thank you for making it so easy to leave this 'feedback' - another great service!)

Diana M.